What Puts 2undr a Level Above the Rest.

Joey Pouch®



2UNDR™ features the unique and patented Joey Pouch® construction to support your equipment in comfort and style. The innovative design elevates and separates a man’s most valuable assets to deliver the perfect fit while preventing unwanted skin contact.

The pouch also delivers improved air flow keeping you cool when involved in strenuous activity or simply going about a busy day.

The Joey Pouch® incorporates designs licensed by 2UNDR under the following patents: US Patent No. 9,687,030, US Patent No. 10,034,496, US Patent No. RE46,892, US Patent No. D735,444S, Canada Patent No. 2,729,368, Canada Patent No.175,879, Europe Patent No. 002992214




The No-Drip-Tip material lines the Joey Pouch® of our Day Shift, Swing Shift, Power Shift and Gear Shift. Through a process called capillary action, the outer layer draws moisture off of the surface of the skin and spreads it across a large area. Meanwhile, the hydrophobic inner layer repels moisture away from the skin.

This combination of pulling and repelling mixed with premium breathable design accelerates evaporation keeping you dry and comfortable.

Stay cool. Stay comfy.

We strategically lined our Joey Pouch® with the patented Coldskin fabric by Garmatex to enhance the ventilation in our Power Shift model. The thermal reduction fabric promotes extra cooling where excess heat builds up and can reduce the skin temperature by up to 6 degrees.